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As scientists, we are constantly re-discovering knowledge that others have not had the time to publish and improving existing methods without the ability to share the improvements.

The mission of ZappyLab is to change this with the repository. We are building a free, up-to-date, crowd-sourced protocol repository for the life sciences.

Redesigned mobile apps are coming soon!

Our tools to facilitate sharing and discovery of science knowledge include is an up-to-date open access repository of science methods and collaborative protocol-centered platform. Share and get credit for your knowledge. Discover corrections and optimizations of the methods you use.

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About ZappyLab

Imagine you spend 3 months instead of a week to do a simple DNA transformation in a new species.

After much frustration and many cups of coffee later, you discover that you need to do it at room temperature instead of the 42-degree water bath. This is a tiny but critical detail in a common technique. Unfortunately, there is no effective way to let others working with this species know about your discovery. We started ZappyLab to create a free, central, up-to-date, crowd-sourced protocol repository.

Lenny Teytelman


Lenny has over a decade of computational and experimental biology experience. He did his graduate studies at UC Berkeley and finished his postdoctoral research at MIT. For three years, prior to switching from math and computer science to molecular biology, he was a database developer. Lenny brings to ZappyLab a strong passion for sharing science and improving research efficiency through technology.

Alexei Stoliartchouk


Alexei Stoliartchouk has spent a major part of his career focusing on building web-based systems and analyzing the large data sets behind them. He was director at CNET, engineering manager at Yahoo, director at thisMoment, and CTO of He has a Master's degree in Computer Science and a Bachelor's in Applied Math.

Irina Makkaveeva


Irina has an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management and over 8 years of industry work experience. Focusing on finance and strategy in her business school studies, she brings invaluable expertise to the team. As a bonus, with a Master’s in computer science and extensive experience with Android and iOS mobile application development, she is also a key technical resource for ZappyLab’s mobile app development.

Nick Gulev

Front end engineer

Nick has been making web sites for many years. Started as a visual designer he navigated his way through the labyrinths of css and jquery to become a pro in both - design and front end implementation.

Anjuli Manche

Outreach coordinator

Anjuli, from EDHEC Business School, is the outreach coordinator. She tracks new trends to create innovative and creative tools to develop ZappyLab’s audience and partnerships. She is driven by challenges and aims to drive ZappyLab to profitable growth.

Bilge Ozaydin


Bildge is a molecular biologist with more than twelve years of experience in genetic engineering of microbial organisms. She did her graduate studies at UC Berkeley and completed her postdoctoral work at the Joint BioEnergy Institute of Lawrence Berkeley National laboratories.

Ivan Liachko


Ivan has been studying the mysteries of DNA replication for almost thirteen years. He earned his Ph.D. at Cornell University and is currently a postdoctoral scientist in the department of Genome Sciences at the University of Washington.

Laura Fontana


Laura has over fifteen years of research experience in Cell and Molecular Biology. Her graduate research was at the Tor Vergata University of Rome, and after her post-doctoral training at the New York University School of Medicine, she became a group leader at the Italian National Institute of Health.

Ilya Dyakonov

Mobile engineer

Sergey Alekseev

Mobile engineer

Julia Kurnosova

Mobile engineer

Sergey Podorozhnyi

Mobile engineer


Date Day Time Location Building / Room Organizer
04/30/2015Thursday5:30 - 8:00 PMSkydeck2150 Shattuck Ave, Penthouse, Berkeley, CAZappylab
12/09/2014Tuesday2-5 PMPullman DockParis, FranceLeWeb
12/6/2014 - 12/10/2014Philadelphia Convention Center1101 Arch St, Philadelphia, PAASCB Annual Meeting
10/23/2014Thursday6:00 PMSkydeck2150 Shattuck Ave, Penthouse, Berkeley, CAZappyLab and others
9/06/2014Saturday2:00 PMUC BerkeleyWheeler Hall, Room 213Union for postdocs
5/16/2014Friday10:00 AMHarvard Medical SchoolModell Immunology Center, Fred S. Rosen Lecture Hall 100AKevin Bonham
5/15/2014Thursday3:00 PMWhitehead/MITWhitehead, 7th floor classroomMansi Srivastava
5/15/2014Thursday11:00 AMHarvardNorthwest Lab Building (NWL) 425Guo-Liang Chew
5/13/2014Tuesday4:00 PMBrandeis1st Floor Library of the Shapiro Science Center.Casey Ydenberg